ARL of Iowa needs help taking care of hundreds of cats found in home

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MADRID, Iowa (KCRG) - The Animal Rescue League in Des Moines says it needs help with the hundreds of cats rescued from a home northwest of Des Moines.

Dennis Carlson, 65, faces three counts of failure to dispose of a dead animal and five counts of animal neglect.

Earlier in June, rescuers pulled more than 300 alive and dead cats out of his home, however, the care for those cats has a cost.

Right now, the Animal Rescue League goes through around 22 bags of food per day.

To help with this and limited resources, they're encouraging more people to volunteer.

Organizers said support keeps them motivated.

The ARL has 2,000 volunteers signed up however many of them are only working a couple of hours once a month.

Staff said they need more cat and kitten food and kitty litter.

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