Cedar Rapids updating street lights

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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - Parts of Cedar Rapids are starting to look brighter at night thanks to a $5 million project that involves replacing all street lights in the downtown and Kingston Village area.

Alliant Energy and the city are working together to replace the lights.

Alliant will own, operate and maintain the light polls while the city covers operating and maintenance costs, officials said.

The new lights feature LED bulbs which makes them more energy efficient than previous models.

When the project wraps, there will be about 120 fewer light poles, but the city says they'll provide better lighting.

Officials said fixing lights have been a long time in coming.

“They went through the 2008 flood, so a lot of them were completely underwater. The conduit and the wiring system with them is in disrepair, it’s hard to keep some of them on, so they just needed full replacement because of it,” said Cedar Rapids Traffic Engineering Program Manager John Witt.

Lights are currently going up on 1st Street East, in front of City Hall.

All twelve phases of the project are expected to be finished by the spring of 2021.