Bremer County assesses flood damage to roadways

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BREMER COUNTY, Iowa (KCRG) - 53 counties in Iowa have been issued disaster proclamations because of flooding, including Bremer County. Flood waters have left many of its rural roads impassable. Officials say it may be weeks until repairs are complete.

Road crews in Bremer County have been able to temporally patch some roadways for residents. However, some sections in the county remain underwater or covered in lingering ice jams.

Bremer County Emergency Management says the county’s flood damage is almost exclusively to their infrastructure.

“We’ve got about a quarter of a million dollars worth of damage, between a quarter and half a million dollars. A lot less than some parts of the state, but still a sizable amount for the citizens of Bremer County,” said Kip Ladage, Bremer County Emergency Management Coordinator.

The County has applied for federal disaster funding. If those funds aren’t granted, the county will have to pay for those damages itself.