Wausau Police Department sends officers to help with missing 13-year-old in Barron

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WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) Two Wausau Police Officers are helping students in Barron County School District deal with the disappearance of missing 13 year Jayme Closs.

One of the officers, Officer Nick Stetzer, spoke exclusively with NewsChannel 7 before he left early Thursday morning. He and another officer are bringing their therapy dogs to the school district.

Little more information is known at this time. Officers were told they will have a meeting with the Barron County School Superintendent and a Department of Justice (DOJ) official upon their arrival, but details were not given prior.

Even while Officer Stetzer is not exactly sure how he will be assisting the school district yet, he said he is well aware of the healing power of dogs and especially the department's therapy dog, Badge.

"There's something about petting a dog, seeing a dog, playing fetch with a dog that just makes you feel so much better and if the kids can kind of step out, step away for a couple minutes and not think about--- then Badge did his job" he said.

Officer Stetzer said he was made aware that Jayme Closs was much more than just a classmate. To many students she was a close friend. Ahead of the trip he tells us he hopes his therapy dog Badge can help offer some healing.