Dog stays at senior home after owner dies

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KINGSTON, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Izzy has cataracts, hearing loss and gray hair, but family is one thing that's new in her life.

The 10-year-old mixed breed dog moved to Brookdale Kingston in Tennessee with her owner last fall and was an immediate hit among other residents at the senior living community.

"His apartment was two doors down from my office and Izzy would frequently come to see me," said Lesa Fuller, Brookdale Kingston's sales and marketing manager.

When he passed away and his friends and family were unable to take the dog, the senior living community decided they couldn't bear to lose Izzy too.

"We realized her home was here with us and so she has stayed," Fuller said.

Izzy now serves as the front-door greeter and regularly attends social events. She's even formed special friendships with some of the residents.

"She is part of the family here now," said Lesa Fuller, Brookdale Kingston's sales and marketing manager. "The residents always want to know where Izzy is and what she's doing. There's never a shortage of people to pet her."

When she's not welcoming visitors, Izzy takes pleasure in chasing a squeaky rubber chicken and joining residents during parties, socials and other gatherings. She's also a popular attraction on Brookdale Kingston's Facebook page.

"We even have people from outside our community asking about Izzy," Fuller said.

The only downside to Izzy's new popularity: "She got so many treats over the holidays that she didn't feel well for a few days. But she's back to being herself now," Fuller said.