Eastern Iowa fitness instructor explains importance behind certification

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NORTH LIBERTY, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) – When taking a fitness course, many don’t think to double check the instructor’s credentials. But with online certification courses becoming more popular it could be something a student wants to look into.

Carey Sadler owns River City Pilates in North Liberty. She’s one of five certified Pilates instructors in the state of Iowa. She recently started her own training program to help others start a studio of their own.

“In the fitness industry in general, there’s really not a lot standards to certify who can teach something. You can go online, take an hour course, and someone will hand you a piece of paper that says you can teach,” Sadler said. “A lot of people think, if I can do something, if I can do an exercise or a move, that’s all it takes for me to show someone else how to do it, but really there’s a lot more that goes into teaching.”

Pilates students must log 450 hours before they can even sit to take a certification test. Sadler’s training takes six months to a year to complete. Students learn how to perfect the moves in their own body, as well as how to modify them for a different body.

Without modifications problems, tightness, and weakness can occur.

“You could definitely get injured from something like that, if you have something going on in your body or maybe you’re not doing it properly,” Sadler said.

Shelley Oglesby switched to Sadler’s studio in 2012. That’s when she first realized how a trained instructor can assist with her body type.

“I did take Pilates at a local place, and I didn’t get enough attention. I don’t think the teacher realized my body type, and I hadn’t been exercising,” Oglesby. “I couldn’t do a simple roll up, I needed more instruction, and I needed more help learning the different movements in my own body.”

Now she’s taking the instructor certification training to help others herself. Sadler said there’s no type of monitoring on who is certified and who can open a business. She said students shouldn’t leave their current fitness courses because their instructors aren’t certified, but a little research could be worth it.

“I always encourage people to research their instructors to see how much they’ve trained, and kind of where they’ve gotten their training from so they stay safe,” Sadler said. “I think there’s a lot of good instructors that have gotten training, and maybe they haven’t quite gotten that test yet.”