26 Days of Action Against Gun Violence

Published: Dec. 10, 2017 at 7:49 PM CST
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From song to sermon. A group gathered at the Grinnell United Church of Christ, expressing concern for victims of gun violence.

Included in this gathering are Christian, Jewish and Muslim faith leaders.

They didn't stop at expressing concern. The service is also a call for change, including working with gun owners.

"This is not anti-gun in anyway. In fact we need their help. I don't know much about guns I would love to learn more if that can increase gun safety,” Wendy Abrahamson said.

Abrahamson organized this 26 Days of Action Against Gun Violence. It's in memory of upcoming fifth anniversary of the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting, and the 26 people that died that day.

"We have to be in a country where first graders don't get killed in their schools."

After the service, Abrahamson led the group on a silent three-mile walk.

"It just scares me to see how in our country time and time again we have tragic events, both large scale like mass shooting and also individual scale the amount of gun violence we have in our country and it's time we take action,” Hannah Lundberg said.

So two by two they walked, all the way to Brownell’s Retail Store. The owner of this firearms store is also the President of the NRA, and this group wants him to be part of the conversation.

"Because I really believe in reaching out across the aisle and talking to people we may not be in agreement with in the hope of creating change together,” Isabel Cooke.

"This is all really hard, really fraught. I think one of the things we want to do is make gun violence and gun safety something permissible to talk about,” Abrahamson said.