UPDATE: Police say shooting near UNI campus was gang related

Published: Nov. 11, 2017 at 3:18 AM CST
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Cedar Falls Police Chief Jeff Olson says the two shooting victims were gang members. He says Alex Bullerman and Dylan Gehrke were leaving a bar near the College Hill area when they got into an altercation with some people in a parking lot.

Olson says Bullerman was shot in the stomach area, and took off running until he collapsed in a yard. He was pronounced dead at a hospital. Olson says both victims had run-ins with the law when they were minors.

Olson says the shooting was a targeted incident. He adds, "Our officers are familiar with some of the gang members as well, Waterloo much more so. So some of our officers had those suspicions that this would be gang related shortly after getting to that call."

He says they work with other agencies in Black Hawk County to get rid of gangs. He says, "We have the tri-county drug task force which is composing of police officers in Waterloo, Cedar Falls, and Black Hawk County that works on a lot of drug crimes and gang activity."

No arrest have been made. Anybody with information is asked to contact police.



Avery Sandbulte was at his sister's place when he heard three gunshots outside. He explains, “Woke up and I heard shots, so then we woke up, talked to my sister, then not much longer the cops showed up.”

He and his sister didn't go outside after the shooting happened, but they heard a lot of commotion. He says, "It was pretty scary because people in the apartment were walking up and down talking to each other so it was scary hearing the footsteps and not knowing if your door was going to get open and what was going to happen."

Ryan Hansen says he woke up to text messages from his mom and the University of Norther Iowa’s Alert telling him about the shooting. He says the alert system is helpful, and that most of the notifications he’s received have been about maintenance work, and power outages.

Hansen never thought he would get one about a shooting. He says, "I've gotten ones from when the power went out on campus and they texted us to let us know what was happening."

Hansen hopes people partying is the only thing he will have to worry about in the future. He says, “There’s drunk people stumbling around since we live right next to the hill but we don't have any ruckus or anything besides that."



Cedar Falls police say one person is dead from a gun shot wound.

Police say Alex Michael Bullerman died after a shooting in the 2300 block of Olive St. He is 18 and from Waterloo. Police found him in the backyard.

One hour later they found Dylan Gehrke. He has been treated and released for a gunshot wound.



Cedar Falls police tell Tv9 that 2 people have gun shot wounds after a shooting near the University of Northern Iowa.

Police say this was at 12:45 a.m. Saturday morning in the college hill area.

Police say both victims are at different hospitals.

Stay with Tv9 on this developing story.