2 men were jailed for Ames robbery they did not commit

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AMES, Iowa (AP) -- Two Ames men were jailed for several days for a robbery that new evidence shows they didn't commit.

Ames police spokesman Geoff Huff said Tuesday investigators no longer believe 21-year-old Gony Bijiek and 20-year-old Ngong Garang were involved in the Oct. 15 robbery at a luxury apartment complex near Iowa State University.

A resident reported he'd been assaulted by several black men and women who stole his XBOX and other items. Bijiek, Garang and 18-year-old Pouk Kang were arrested after police said they matched descriptions provided by the victim.

Garang, who lives in the complex, spent 17 days in jail until prosecutors dropped charges against him and Bijiek on Nov. 2. Bijiek was released Oct. 20 after posting bond. Kang remains charged with assault.

Huff declined to explain the evidence that freed the suspects, noting the case remains under investigation.