1,387 refugees from banned countries have settled in Iowa since 2007

Published: Feb. 3, 2017 at 4:20 PM CST
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Nearly 1,400 refugees from countries banned under President Trump's executive order have resettled in Iowa in the last decade.

President Trump said the ban is to stop potential terrorists from entering the country as refugees. TV-9 News found that has happened before. In 2009 for example, the F-B-I discovered two members of Al-Qaeda had settled in Kentucky, who had taken part in attacks on American forces in Iraq. And an ABC investigation found there may have been dozens more.

Refugees from the banned nations have been living in Iowa for years already.

Since 2007, 1,387 refugees from the impacted nations have settled in the Hawkeye state. In our viewing area that breaks down to;

66 - Cedar Rapids

44 - Iowa City

32 - Coralville

11 - Postville

5 - Brooklyn

2 - Decorah

TV9 could not find any cases in Iowa of a refugee involved in illegal activities but local authorities also may not have any way of knowing if they did. Johnson County's Jail Administrator and the Operations Manager for the state's Bureau of Refugee Services both tell us they do not keep track of the number of people who have been incarcerated with refugee status. But in Linn County their jail administrator says since 2007, they've booked 36 people there who originate from the countries affected by the executive order, their refugee status is not known. To put things into prospective the jail administrator also tells TV9 News they book around 11,000 people a year. That 36 he calls "a relatively small number."

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