Iowa State student creates website for people to trade textbooks

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CLINTON, Iowa (KWQC) -- If you've ever bought college textbooks, you know how expensive they can be. College students spend an average of anywhere from $200 to $500 on books each year. So now, an Iowa State University sophomore is hoping to save people money with a new textbook trading site.

“I had one professor request a $50 textbook, so I purchased this 50 dollar textbook,” said Chase White, founder of Textbook Works. On the first day of class he told me, we don't really need this textbook,”

Chase White became frustrated with the expense of textbooks his freshman year at Iowa State. They cost so much some of his friends had to take out student loans to get them.

“Price is so important for many students and giving them a little cheaper college experience could really give them more freedoms,” said White.

The hardships students faced stuck with him even after the semester ended. He decided to create a website called “TextbookWorks” which allows students to trade books to save money.

“This is very different than other sites that buy or rent out their textbooks,” said White. Essentially, in this you trade textbooks at little or no charge. There's no other sites like this that I was able to find on the internet and I think this would be a great benefit to students,”

Once you are on the website, you enter your name, major, email, and the ISBN number on the back of your book and White finishes the rest.

“I do some behind the scenes work and I send them the information of any matches that are made. Anybody that has the same textbooks that they need,” said White.

White says his goal is to help students stay out of debt as much as possible. So they can enjoy their college experience.

“This is really for the students, unlike other sites. This is really to benefit the students as much as possible,” said White.

White says his long-term goal is to have this available to students at other colleges in the United States. The website is up, White says he's planning to make some changes, but it should be good to go for Iowa State students to start trading by the spring semester.

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