Michael Tilka

Davenport, IA
Michael Tilka

Pronouns: He/Him/His

Tilka was one of the fortunate kids growing up who had a tv in their kitchen and would watch tv over a bowl of Apple Jacks before school in the morning. After some channel surfing, Michael learned about two shows that would change his life: Sportscenter and the Today Show. Sportscenter captivated Michael, between the upsets, numbers, and high flying action he couldn't look away (unless they were Grossman or Cutler interceptions, then he could).

Then there was the Today show, it was the one show Tilka and his mom would like to watch together before the day got started. That love for tv and media, then a passion for public speaking found towards the end of high school (which landed him an internship with KWQC's Highlight Zone in 2015 and 2016 while still in high school) is what pushed Tilka to attend Indiana University-Bloomington to study Media with a focus in Sports Media.

Upon graduating in the tumultuous year that was 2020, Tilka returned to his native QC to work for the station he grew up watching, and to work alongside his idols Sharon Derycke, Theresa Bryant, Paula Sands, and others. Although a News Reporter, Tilka still dabbles in sports and has a passion for sports stories.

Outside of work you can find Tilka enjoying a nice walk, graphic designing, or playing video games with friends.

  • Indiana University-Bloomington, Sports Media, 2020
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