Campgrounds busy during pandemic

Published: Aug. 8, 2020 at 10:32 PM CDT

OXFORD, Iowa (KCRG) -With most of the normal summer activities shut down, campgrounds are seeing more business during the pandemic. Sleepy Hollow RV Park and Campground has been busier than usual this summer, and partial-owner Alidalee Gingerich says the biggest difference is an increase in visitors during the week. They’ve also had to put in place a wait-list every weekend-a measure usually only needed on holiday weekends.

Troy Nuemann and his family come to Sleepy Hollow Campground every summer.

He says it’s been a lot busier than usual, and that it’s full of people looking for a socially-distanced summer activity. “Lot of nothing going on, so they find other places to go. So, I think more people come here to spend their time, and it’s a nice family environment, everyone’s a family here,” says Nuemann.

Gingerich says people are camping as a substitute for plans they had to cancel because of COVID-19, like honeymoons, vacations, or summer camps.

Sleepy Hollow sees a lot of local campers that come every year...but this summer Gingerich has noticed more new faces. “With everything going on this year it’s good for them to get out and getaway and camping is really in a sense one of the few things that you still can do. And they’ve been enjoying it and they’ve been coming,” says Gingerich.

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