Iowa man tries to eat a McRib once a day when it’s available

An Iowa man takes his love of the McRib very seriously every time McDonald's brings it back.
Published: Nov. 17, 2023 at 8:11 AM CST
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CENTER POINT, Iowa (KCRG) - When BJ Hoffman of Hardin County enters a McDonald’s, he knows exactly what he’s going to get.

“I’m a connoisseur of the McRib, with quite the long history,” said Hoffman.

Hoffman said the unique taste of the sauce is what draws him back whenever the McRib is on the menu. It was a love that started in 1982 while visiting his great-grandmother in Florida. Now, he’s even created his own recipes for the sandwich.

“I would buy three or four of them, especially if we were on vacation,” he said. “Just heat and serve later. They make a great midnight snack, chop them up and put them on nacho chips, in the morning serve them with eggs over easy.”

During the last 40 years, he’s had quite a few whenever he has the chance.

“Thousands,” he said.

Not every McDonald’s has the McRib on its menu. For Soifer Family McDonald’s in Center Point, they said it needed to be on the menu because of how much pork the state of Iowa produces.

“I can’t directly tie the McRib that you are eating to Iowa, but I can say that in 2021 the McDonald’s system purchased just under 143 million pounds of pork,” said Marketing Supervisor Emily Garden.

Though, the McRib will only be available for a short period.

“We will have it for a few more weeks,” said Garden.

Hoffman will keep his eye on an app where he can track which fast food restaurants will have it.

“When it gets announced, there will be a mass announcement from the McRib finder website,” he said. “It will say it knows people had seen them loading them on trucks.”