“ I have 7 million brothers and sisters in Israel:” thousands rally in March for Israel

The March happened as the war between Israel and Hamas enters its sixth week
Published: Nov. 14, 2023 at 5:08 PM CST
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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) - We’re now six weeks into the war between Israel and Hamas.

Tuesday, tens of thousands gathered on the national mall in sight of the U.S. Capitol to express their support for Israel

Attendees called for an end to anti-Semitism and the release of some 240 hostages that have been in the hands of Hamas since the attacks on October 7th.

“We don’t know if these beautiful girls are alive - if they are eating, if they are safe.  We want them back,” said Anat Kausam.

Kausam came to Washington Tuesday, posters in hand, with the mission of raising awareness for those still unaccounted.

Rabbi Alexander Davis came from Minnesota - He says this conflict is deeply personal.

“People always ask me, do you have family in Israel?  Yes, I have 7 million brothers and sisters in Israel.  It feels that close,” said Davis.

A different type of closeness was also felt at the rally.

“Jews have felt so isolated and alone over the last five weeks, and all of a sudden you’re amongst your people, amongst your family that share a world view,” said Davis.

‘It warms my heart - it is so great to be surrounded by so many people that support Israel,” said Kausam.

But not everyone is in support of the Israeli retaliatory campaign against Hamas.

Tuesday, more than 500 US Officials signed a letter calling for a cease-fire.

The signatories represent over 40 government agencies - concerned with the rising death toll and worsening humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

In response to the letter, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken responded, quote, ‘we’re listening”