Working Iowa: Iowa Department of Transportation looks for seasonal Winter drivers

Published: Sep. 25, 2023 at 8:29 AM CDT
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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - It doesn’t feel like winter yet but the Iowa Department of Transportation is already preparing. When snow comes down, the Iowa DOT sends plows out.

“A typical storm is not just an 8-hour shift. It’s usually a 12-hour shift into the next day,” said Chris Litscher, Garage Operations Assistant at the Iowa DOT.

The DOT is currently looking for part-time drivers, preferably who already have a Commercial Driver’s License, to help clear the roads.

“We really rely and depend on our part-time staff to help get those cleaned up for us, and they’re not on call like we are,” Litscher explained.

Those hired should expect to work some nights and weekends as needed. Hours vary depending on the weather.

“If we don’t have a big winter, they may not get called as much,” said Litscher.

But there may be opportunities to get more hours despite this.

“This year they are offering some of our seasonal some extended hours so if there’s other stuff we got going on we can get them called in here to work,” Litscher said.

Driving for the DOT is an important job for traffic to continue flowing all winter long. While the DOT does have full time staff, seasonal drivers are needed too.

“Our part-time help generally helps us on our secondary routes, not our main routes. So like the ramp system on 380 and 30 and 100 that’s where they normally help us out the most,” said Litscher.

Applications can be found online. Those interested, should apply soon. By October 15th the DOT likes to get seasonal help onboard to prepare for winter.

“It’s an operation when we have to go out,” Litscher said.