Moose keeps wandering in northwest Iowa

Published: Sep. 22, 2023 at 10:35 AM CDT
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ESTHERVILLE, Iowa (KTIV) - The wayward moose continues to wander its way through the region.

According to KUOO Radio, the moose was spotted Thursday evening crossing a road in Emmet County between Estherville and Wallingford. This moose was first seen in northwest Iowa last week in Lyon County. Since then it has also been spotted in Sioux County and Clay County.

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources says if you see the moose you should keep your distance and let it be, as they can become aggressive if agitated.


SIOUX COUNTY, Iowa (KTIV) - Authorities are saying a moose has wandered into Northwest Iowa.

Friday morning, the Sioux County Sheriff’s Office announced that a moose was spotted in their area. They said Thursday evening into Friday morning it was seen making its way from the Rock Valley area to the Sioux Center area.

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources says moose have been known to wander during this breeding season, which they believe is the case with this young male. In fact, the Iowa DNR says this moose was first seen on Sept. 20 in Lyon County, Iowa, and has been traveling southeast.

“Historically, we have had reports of moose wandering into Iowa either every year or every other year so it’s not too out of the ordinary, but still exciting to see,” said Mick Klemesrud, an information specialist with the Iowa DNR.

The sheriff’s office and the Iowa DNR say residents should not approach the moose or interact with it. If you do spot the moose, the sheriff’s office requests you report its location to Sioux County Communications at (712) 737-3307. Once they have that information, they’ll pass it along to the Iowa DNR who is tracking the moose.

Klemesrud says the moose “will likely turn and head back north after not finding any females in Iowa.”

Moose spotted in Sioux County, IA
Moose spotted in Sioux County, IA