Hawkeye fans sweat through scorching season opener

Hawkeye fans sweat through scorching season opener
Published: Sep. 2, 2023 at 11:40 PM CDT
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IOWA CITY, Iowa (KCRG) - Saturday’s summer weather didn’t stop Hawkeye fans from gathering for the home opener at Kinnick Stadium. However, it did force them to do their best to stay cool.

Temperatures on Saturday broke 90.

“It’s going to cook us,” said Dan Ashbaugh, a tailgater. “I’m going to handle it by waiting until the Hawks are up by 20, and I’m going to come back to tailgate.”

Not everyone was even going to go inside the stadium.

“I’ve been to enough games in my time. It’s going be hot out. So I figured, you know, chill in the shade,” said Micah Bailey, another tailgater.

Ashbaugh’s friend Jason Sheio said, “I’m gonna stand right underneath the [RV’s] canopy, and I’m never going to get in the sun!”

Shade was one thing, drinking plenty of water. was another.

“You know, alcohol dehydrates you. So throwing in some Gatorade, some water, making sure that we incorporate that in our activities,” said Kassidy Bianchi.

University of Iowa officials made some changes for gameday to help fans out, including letting people take in sealed water bottles and offering an expanded rest area.

Outside the stadium, the heat wasn’t stopping anyone from having fun. Fans were simply working around it, doing whatever they had to do to start the season right.

“Take all the precautions so you’re not like totally miserable the next day,” said Bianchi.