Geneva Tower restores power after outage during extreme heatwave

At the height of this afternoon's heat, places like Coe College, St. Luke's Hospital, and Geneva Tower in downtown Cedar Rapids found themselves without power.
Published: Aug. 23, 2023 at 10:12 PM CDT
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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - The power is back on at Geneva Tower, one of the places that found itself without electricity during Wednesday afternoon’s extreme heat and humidity.

Gerald Hepker came outside after Geneva Tower lost power, but not before waiting around in his apartment that, he said, was getting hotter and hotter.

“I sit there a couple of hours and it’s getting warm in there,” said Hepker. “I thought for a second— I pushed my window open, and I thought maybe at least get some air, but man, that hot air comes blowing in there. And so I just pulled it shut. It was hotter blowing in than what was already in there.”

Thomas Brown also lives in the Tower and needs electricity for the devices that help him manage his COPD.

“One of my main concerns is I’m running out of oxygen,” said Brown.

TV9 asked Brown how he was feeling during Wednesday’s power outage. He said it brought to his mind another day where Geneva Tower residents were suddenly forced out of their homes.

“I felt a little bit stressed but I’m okay. Dealing with the fire happening last year and now this,” said Brown.

Brown was just trying to manage his stress and keep cool and calm in the shade until his home had power again.

“Thank God for the light breeze,” said Brown.