Seeing double... seeing dust: Swartzendruber twins dash past competition

Sidney and Addison Swartzendruber have been going stride for stride since day one.
Published: Apr. 19, 2023 at 10:44 PM CDT
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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - Sidney and Addison Swartzendruber have been going stride for stride since day one.

Ever since they started turning heads at Kennedy they’ve elicited some confusion.

“Our parents are asked about it a lot. They’ve had people sitting behind them (asking) ‘what? she’s running a race (again)?’” said Addison.

“They see people running six events and they’re like ‘who is this girl?’” Sidney said. “There’s two of us!”

Thankfully for Kennedy girls track and field coach Duane Wampole, he can tell the two apart. He’s also lucky to have two of the best runner in the state.

The two boast Iowa’s best times in the 400 meter dash (Sidney ran 56.33, Addison clocked in at 57.18). They say their biggest competition is each other.

“We’ve been competitive with each other all the time,” Sidney said. “She does something then I wanna do it I do something then she wants to do it.”

They run neck and neck but their skillsets are a little different.

“They are individuals,” said Wampole. “Sidney is a little more on the aerobic end of the spectrum, and Addison more on the power strength end of it.”

Addison’s a top sprinter, with a personal best of 25.99 in the 200 meter dash, second in Kennedy history.

Sidney has the top half mile time in the state with a run of 2.15.03.

They will both compete in the Drake Relays.

“(Drake Stadium) is one of my favorite places ever, we’ve been going there since we started doing track,” said Sidney.

“Our dad has pulled us out of school since we were nine to go there,” Addison said. “We’ve always grown up and watched other people compete there, so it’s really special to run there ourselves.”

There’s fierce competition on and off the track for sure, but the twins are certain of one thing: they’re a team.

“I love competing against Addison, but she’s a teammate,” said Sidney. “I think that’s the best part. When we were growing up, it was always me against her, but now we’re a team.”