Cedar Rapids woman starts home care service with unique mission

Published: Mar. 17, 2023 at 6:23 PM CDT
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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - One Cedar Rapids woman is making sure her business, Kolofon Health, steps in, when others need to opt out.

Natasha Ajeti worked for large medical centers for 15 years before choosing to take on her own health care venture. Now, she prides herself on her employees’ eagerness to work amid a nursing shortage.

“Kolfon is a Greek word, it means ultimate or pinnacle. So the highest form of care,” said Ajeti. And to her, the highest form of care means providing a stress-free health service for all involved.

Amid a health care labor shortage, the first step was creating an environment unlike other medical corporations.

“They’re the ones that are providing the care and if we’re not providing great care for them, they won’t be able to provide great care for the people we serve,” said Ajeti.

She says her decision to start this business grew out of a real need to provide help when others cannot.

She recalls one instance in particular right after opening:

“This family in particular, out of Solon, they had hired two health care companies to come in and provide care for their loved one....they didn’t show up.”

The cost of non-medical home care is about $30 per hour, according to Genworth Financial... but affording that can be a challenge and Ajeti tries to work with clients so there’s no gap in care, no matter their finances.

“It was just the fact that we came in, showed up, we did what we said we would do, we didn’t alter it, we didn’t compromise, and we truly were there for the patient and the family,” said Ajeti.

Currently, Ajeti has 10 employees working for Kolofon. But she tells TV-9, 40 applicants are waiting to be interviewed.