Student of the Month shines in and out of the classroom

The February Student of the Month is 8-year-old Diamond Martor.
Published: Feb. 28, 2023 at 7:56 AM CST
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WATERLOO, Iowa (KCRG) - The February Student of the Month is 8-year-old Diamond Martor, a third grade student at Lou Henry Elementary.

Her teacher Mikayla Vetter says she stands out as a leader, and always tries her hardest while accomplishing great things in and out of the classroom.

“She stands up for what she knows is right, and I feel like that comes off in her speech but also her actions as just being brave,” Vetter said.

In her classroom at Lou Henry, students’ mantras for the year decorate the walls. The one Diamond made says, “Never ever in your life give up on something you’re dreaming to be.”

She knows exactly what her dreams are. She wants to be a doctor.

“I want to be a person who saves lives,” Diamond said.

It’s something that does not surprise her teacher, and nominator, at Lou Henry Elementary in Waterloo.

“Diamond is such an awesome student, she radiates joy, and love, and kindness,” Vetter said. “Regardless of who you are and the different needs you have, Diamond is a friend you can count on.”

She’s the child of immigrants. Her father didn’t grow up speaking English.

“Her pronunciation of words that I don’t expect her to pronounce, she will pronounce it with ease, and sometimes I ask her to help me pronounce some words,” her father, Reuben, said with a laugh.

He’s impressed with all she knows. Including her favorite subject, math. Diamond says her father helped her with her math, and taught her to be a helper to others.

“We want to make sure she comes home with that attitude, so she can be a blessing to society,” Reuben said.

It’s something her teacher and classmates can feel.

“Even if she’s had a bad day, she’s always exuding joy and positivity and just looking for ways to help those around her,” said Vetter.

It’s all to help Diamond be her best possible self, at age 8, and beyond.

“She puts in the most work,” said Vetter. “She always shows that she wants to go above and beyond, not just with her schoolwork, but also with her character.”

“As a family, parents, we give her the support she deserves or needs to achieve whatever she dreams of,” said Reuben. “But I’m hoping she will press forward for that.”