Learn how to make a steak and bulgur salad in this Fareway Cooking Segment

Learn how to make a steak and bulgur salad in this Fareway Cooking Segment
Published: Jan. 28, 2023 at 11:57 AM CST
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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - Whitney Hemmer makes a delicious steak and bulgur salad in this Fareway Cooking Segment.

Hey good morning everyone. I have another simple recipe for you today that you could probably throw together in a matter of minutes. We are making a steak and Bulgar salad today, and what really makes this especially quick is that we are starting with a salad kit. So, today we are using the dole chopped kit in the flavor Applewood Bacon. I chose this one so it would pair really nicely with the beef, so we could really get those savory flavors. What’s great about these salad kits is in the bag. You get all of your lettuces and vegetables all in one place, but you also get an exclusive dressing that only comes in the salad kit. You can’t find this anywhere else. So in this kit you get some Parmesan cheese and also some bacon crumbles and that’s really great. When you take this and turn it into an even larger meal, because a lot of the work is done for you, you know this is only one stop in the grocery store. And you have about, you know 3/4 of the ingredients you already need already right here.

So to round this out and make it a meal, I have obviously added steak to mine. I did go with a sirloin steak. You could use any leftover steak you have. You could even use leftover roast here. You could make a steak especially for this really any kind of steak that you like for this salad will work and you can serve it warm or cold, so again, really depending on your preferences here. To salads, I always recommend adding a whole grain. It’s important to help keep you full so you don’t eat this salad and then you’re hungry again in an hour. I always recommend adding a whole grain, so to this one I added a grain called Bulgar. It’s a really mild flavor, but adds a nice texture, but if you don’t want to purchase Bulgar, especially just for this, you can really go with any whole grain here. You are just looking for a source of fiber and likely these will also have some additional protein, so this is a brown rice and quinoa would be great. Barley would also work if you have some barley hanging out and just make it your own.

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