Kenyon Murray is perhaps the busiest dad - and coach - in Iowa

Published: Jan. 25, 2023 at 6:38 PM CST
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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - Former Hawkeye great Kenyon Murray is a busy man with several jobs.

In addition to coaching his daughter McKenna at Prairie High School, he has three other sons, including his basketball star twins.

Kris, slightly older, plays for the Hawkeyes while Keegan is in the NBA with the Sacramento Kings.

“I have my moments,” Kenyon said. “Whether it’s scheduled for a podcast or speaking event or putting practice together or texting Kris and Keegan, helping Demetrius out with becoming a new dad. I think God has put me in a position to do different things.”

Kenyon has only been out to Sacramento once to watch Keegan play for the Kings and he was blown away.

“Crazy. The arena Is unbelievable,” Kenyon said. “The fans are remarkable. I think they’ve been waiting so long to have a winning team and now they pour everything they can into each and every Kings game.”

Kings fans in have welcomed Keegan to Sacramento with open arms.

“They have really taken him in as the new Sacramento Kings son,” Kenyon said.

Keegan is adjusting to life in Sacramento, but he still calls home often.

“Oh he calls for stuff still,” Kenyon said. “He sends pictures and says he is ‘adulting,’ but literally he is going in and paying for something that Michelle picked out.”

And next year, Kenyon will probably have two sons to follow in the NBA.

“Mom wants them to play with each other, so any mock draft shows (Kris) going to the kings Michelle is really happy about,” Kenyon said. “It’s starting to come to fruition. Whether they’re with each other or against each other we will be there cheering them.”