Univ. of Dubuque Greek life leaders say they were blindsided by university’s decision to suspend all Greek life

Published: Jan. 20, 2023 at 11:16 PM CST
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DUBUQUE, Iowa (KCRG) - Members of the University of Dubuque’s Greek life community learned this week that it was being suspended.

The University sent an email Wednesday to all Greek life alums and current members citing Greek life engagement as an issue. Leaders of the schools’ chapters said they were blindsided.

“All the pictures, all the memories, everything that has gone into this fraternity that has been around since 1922 dies with me,” said Christopher Sand, the President of Athenaen Fraternity and President of the Greek Council. “I feel partly to blame.”

“I cried a lot, I’m not afraid to say that,” said Megan Schmid, the President of Lambda Tua Delta Sorority and Greek Council Vice President. “Especially knowing that the last 3-4 years of my work and the hundreds plus years of history were thrown away from an email.”

In the email, the administration said there were 10 active members and most of them would be graduating this spring.

“During the spring of 2022, the possibility of suspending Greek Life was discussed during a Greek Life meeting of active members and their advisors. It was noted that we needed to see improvement in campus visibility of Greeks, holding informal recruitment events to help grow membership, increased engagement of members in their organization, organizations stepping up and having representation in the Greek Council, adhering to recruiting requirements, and finally, we needed to see growth in overall numbers.”

“There was no predication really to see this coming,” said Sand.

“There was no help to make us grow, just a lot to shut us down,” said Schmid.

Schmid said they had recruited 6 new people for spring, and some of the people the school cited as graduating were taking extra classes the next school year. The two said it was still working with the school to see whether there was a way Greek life could return.

School officials said, “The Office of Student Life is committed to supporting all students in helping them build successful student groups and organizations and will be working with current Greek members and their advisors to discuss the viability of continuing Greek life at UD.”