State rests case, defense calls first witnesses in trial of Alexander Jackson

Published: Jan. 20, 2023 at 5:36 PM CST
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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) -Prosecutors wrapped up their case Friday in the trial of Alexander Jackson. Their final witness was an investigator who interviewed Jackson the day he’s accused of killing his family.

Investigator Matt Denlinger testified that Jackson didn’t have other nearby family members with the death of his parents and sister, and that he had $30 in his bank account a the time of the murders.

”And do you know through your investigation who would get the Jackson’s estate,” prosecutors asked.

“Presumably he would,” Denlinger answered.

Jackson’s team then called their first witness, a K9 consultant and former K9 officer Kyle Heyen. He questioned the dog used to search for a potential intruder, claiming body camera video shows the dog was panting too much to be able to smell.

”When the dog is breathing through the mouth, they cannot smell,” Heyen said.

But prosecutors pointed out if an intruder was at the home, they would have been captured on the home’s surveillance camera.

Next the jury heard from a friend of Jackson’s who first met him in middle school. Ryan Burrack said he’d play video games with Jackson online often, including the shooting game Halo.

”The last time that you do remember playing video games online with the defendant, was it Halo that you were playing or just a little bit of everything,” prosecutors asked Burrack.

“It was Halo,” he said, adding they played until around 11. Burrack said that may have been the night before the murders, but he couldn’t be sure.

Jackson’s boy scout master Levi Gritton also testified Friday. He said Jackson was a great kid and that he became an eagle scout earning several badges, including rifle shooting.

The trial will continue Monday morning.