Investigator: Alexander Jackson’s prints were found on gun used to kill his family

Published: Jan. 18, 2023 at 2:46 PM CST
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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) -Investigators say Alexander Jackson’s prints were found on the gun used to kill his family. A third day of testimony is underway in his trial. Jackson faces three counts of First Degree Murder accused of killing his father, mother, and sister in 2021.

Former Cedar Rapids crime scene investigator Brandon Boesenberg returned to the witness stand Wednesday. He helped process the scene inside Jackson’s home. This included documenting important evidence like the shell casings found near the bodies Jackson’s family members.

”I believe our order of this was number nine is indicating the loose shell casings and then number ten would be indicating the Remington ammo box,” Boesenberg explained as the jury looked at a photo from the scene.

While each body was found in a separate room Boesenberg said the shell casings were the same brand and are believed to have been fired from the same rifle.

“Is that the gun used to kill those three people,” Assistant Linn County Attorney Monica Slaughter asked. “Yes,” Boesenberg said.

Investigators were able to pull prints from the rifle found on scene. Boesenberg testified two prints pulled from the gun belonged to Jackson. A third print could not be matched due to it’s quality. But investigators found another piece of evidence connecting the murder weapon to Jackson. The box used to store the gun was found under his bed.

During cross examination defense attorney Tyler Johnston heavily questioned Boesenberg about the third print pulled from the gun. He asked whether it could have come from an intruder. Boesenberg said the print couldn’t be connected to anyone.

The trial will continue Thursday morning.