Fatal Cedar Rapids stabbing victim’s mother calls incident ‘racist murder’

Published: Jan. 11, 2023 at 10:29 PM CST
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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - LeSean Boles calls her daughter Devonna Walker’s death a murder, even knowing what happened in the video that shows her daughter charge someone who had their back to her right before she is stabbed.

29-year-old Walker was fatally stabbed at Cambridge Townhomes in northeast Cedar Rapids on January 2.

Wednesday, KCRG-TV9 received a video recording of what happened on the evening of January 2. Family members say they received the nearly 15 minute-long video from a neighbor at the apartment complex. It starts about three minutes before the stabbing with Walker and at least two other people shouting at each other. At one point someone shouts a racial slur, specifically the “n” word. Seconds later, as a woman looks to be walking away, Walker charges and a scuffle ensues. In that melee is when it appears that Walker is stabbed. The video shows Walker collapsing seconds later. About six and a half minutes pass before police arrive and first responders start administering C-P-R.

Boles said of the video, “I seen it.” She added, “I didn’t hear it. I hear it—I had let them, my sister and family tell me what’s on it because I don’t want to see my baby laying on the ground like that. “

Boles said this was not the first time her daughter had been the target of racial hatred at her apartment. She said last month, on December 21, she was with her daughter at Cambridge Townhomes when there was a dispute involving her daughter and the same neighbors.

‘I was out there with her in one situation. And I actually called the police,” said Boles. “He had these dogs attack us, he came out calling us n****rs and have the dog attack us.”

She said she wants the man who stabbed her daughter charged and convicted.

“I want justice for my baby because she did not deserve this,” said Boles.