Eastern Iowa Airport travelers impacted by delays after FAA grounded flights nationwide

Published: Jan. 11, 2023 at 4:13 PM CST
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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - The FAA issuing a ground stop also impacted flights here in Eastern Iowa.

Wednesday morning, the Karr family woke up ready to head to the airport for their trip to see grandparents in Southern Florida.

But because of a computer system failure, the FFA grounded thousands of flights across the U-S... Including at CID.... delaying the Karrs.

”We chose this time to not fly during the busy holidays and also we thought that a late flight on Wednesday morning would avoid all this delay but... go figure different plans,” said Griffin Karr.

Thankfully, they were able to rebook but were still looking at the possibility of missing a connection.

”We’re gonna roll the dice that that flight’s delayed,” he said.

And of course with two small kids... traveling even on time is never easy.

”They’re sensitive to their sleeping elements, and everything like that, so hopefully in a hotel tonight, because we don’t have a pack-and-play or anything like that,” said Griffin Karr.

Airport officials said to make sure to download an airline’s app for the fastest information if flights change.

”It’s the airline that makes the decision when the flight’s going to go or if it gets canceled. They can call the airport ten times, but we’re only going to be able to tell them what the airline has told us,” said Pam Hinman, CID Director of Marketing and Communications.

Sharon and John Lake were traveling to Baltimore with a connection in Chicago. They started getting notifications early Wednesday morning.

”The first text said your flight is delayed,” said Sharon Lake.

After more texts changing the status of their flight... finally...

”We came on up... and sure enough it’s canceled. Now it’s canceled, it’s not just delayed,” she said.

Luckily the Lakes had built in time for delays... and they said, while it’s frustrating... it’s not the end of the world.

”All things considered I think we’re okay. But it will be a long day and hopefully no more kinks so that... by the time we get to bed tonight we’re going to be like ‘oh my goodness!” said Sharon Lake.

The two families said they’ve learned from Wednesday’s travel problems: If you have to fly and your flight is canceled or delayed - go to the airport to try to get help face-to-face. And Wednesday’s stress can be hard on airport staff- one was on her 16th hour at work... so kindness is appreciated.