Social media enthusiasts, Informatics wants to hire you

Informatics is an award-winning digital marketing agency.
Informatics in Cedar Rapids is an award-winning digital marketing agency.
Published: Dec. 19, 2022 at 8:12 AM CST
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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - If you are familiar with terms like SEO, search engine optimization, and PPC, pay per click, you may be the right fit for a job at Informatics, a digital marketing agency.

“We are in the business of helping our clients solve problems, We use that via internet technology. They can come to us with any type of issue and say, ‘I want to sell more, I want to recruit more, or get my brand out or more effectively,’ we can help them from the beginning. This is through website creation then through the marketing piece as well, and really achieving business goals through marketing efforts,” Informatics Chief Executive Officer John Osako said.

Even if you don’t have a background in the digital space, you could still fit in, said Stacie Osako, Chief Experience Officer with Informatics. “We would love to find people who have had experience with digital marketing, we use Hub Spot, and marketers will know what Hub Spot is, so experience with that will be wonderful. But we really look for people who resonate with our values.”

Those values include, working hard and a willingness to continue your workplace education.

“Our field is a technology field that is constantly changing and evolving, so those that want to join us have to really be dedicated, lifelong learners. We value lots of independent creative thoughts and people that can work in teams,” John added.

As they say, team work, makes the dream work. Informatics, has won numerous awards and are considered experts in “all things internet.”

“We try to make our clients lives easy by taking care of a lot of the complicated technology in the background. We are looking for people who are self-starters, they are motivated, they have a knowledge of the internet, they don’t have to know all the nuances of it, they have to have an interest and some technical skill,” John added.

Their most urgent need is in the area of marketing.

“It is really fun to solve our clients problems in a creative way and use our team’s expertise. We have so many talented, creative people that are driven by solving our clients problems, and it is really fun to see the results,” Stacie added.

They are looking not just for employees, but partners.

“At informatics, we prioritize company culture, it is really one of the most important strategies for us as a business,” Stacie continued.

They also have remote jobs available with some employees, even working in other states. To apply, click here.