Jimmy V Classic hits home for the McCaffery family

Published: Dec. 6, 2022 at 6:38 PM CST
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IOWA CITY, Iowa (KCRG) - Patrick McCaffery heard the devastating news in 2014 - he had thyroid cancer.

“He thought he was going to die he knew what that meant,” His mother Magarett McCaffery said in 2014.

“It is hard for anybody who is 13 years old and find out they have a tumor,” Fran McCaffery said. “14 years old when they find out its malignant.”

Patrick had the malignant tumor removed March 19th of 2014. His first question after surgery was whether it would stunt his growth.

“The doctor explained to him that is you pituitary gland not your thyroid so he breathed a sigh of relief,” said his mother, Margaret.

Fast forward eight years and Patrick’s growth was anything but stunted. In the fall of 2022 he actually had to lose some weight off his 6-foot-9 frame.

“I felt heavy and I didn’t feel like myself,” Patrick explained. “206-209 (pounds) is where I want to be.”

He said now feels more explosive.

Now a redshirt junior. Patrick is averaging 13 points per game.

“(He’s) mature physically, but he’s mature with his game,” Fran McCaffery said. “He’s shooting the ball with confidence.”

Patrick has had great support from his family and loves the fact that his older brother Connor came back for his 6th season.

“(Connor) is comebody that has a strong voice in the locker room,” Patrick said. “Obviously there’s always friction between brothers, but he’s kind of like another coach.”