Two 4th graders give back to community through school project

Published: Nov. 23, 2022 at 3:12 PM CST
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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - The holiday season is a time for giving, and for two fourth graders from St. Pius Elementary School did just that this morning by dropping off a food pantry donation.

”You’re never too young to do anything,” said Eli Wilkin.

What started as a simple school project.

”They sat down it took what 2 hours to ideate what they wanted to?” said Katelyn Wilkin, Eli’s mom.

Quickly turned into a full-on mission for Miles Thomason and Eli Wilkin.

They decided to do a food drive for Metro Catholic Outreach and set fun activities with corresponding donation goals.

”They wanted to get as many food items as they possibly could and so they started with level one was like 290 items. And then they would double it and double it and double it and each doubling they did another activity,” said Jen Thomason.

Some of the activities were more community service oriented.

”They made thank you cards for health care workers and they made cookies for the police station,” Jen Thomason.

While others...

Were just good old-fashioned fun.

”It was really chunky,” said Eli.

“And gross!” said Miles.

And besides giving back to the community, Miles and Eli’s moms say they hope there’s something else they learned along the way as well.

”The ripple effect of community just every can helped. Every house helped, every person. Just seeing that one person can make a difference is such an awesome thing,’ said Jen Thomason.

Miles and Eli’s teacher said she’s proud of how to boys went above and beyond for their project.

“They really could believe that you know there is no limit to what we can do, so they challenge themselves and I’m very proud,” said Hannah Zwanziger, Miles and Eli’s teacher.

Leaders with Metro Catholic Outreach said they’re helping around 600 families a month, and the boys’ donation is a big help.

“They’re learning young that you don’t have to be an adult or powerful to help people. You can do what you can when you can, and every bit helps. So this is actually more than a bit,” said Christine Kirpes, Metro Catholic Outreach.

At the end of the day, Miles and Eli said it really is about giving back to the community.

”Help other families so they can eat stuff like everybody should be able to do,” said Miles.

”It makes us feel happy and joyful and... I don’t even really know how to put it into words,” said Eli.