Residents voice frustrations towards Johnson County’s plans for “Windham Village”

Published: Nov. 18, 2022 at 6:12 PM CST
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WINDHAM, Iowa (KCRG) - People who live in and around Windham gather in Renee’s Roadhouse regularly. Friday, they were there to talk about the county’s plans to take these few acres of Johnson County land and incorporate them into the Village of Windham.

This comes just days after The Johnson County Planning, Development, and Sustainability Department hosted a public hearing on their plans for “Windham Village”.

“I would just like Windham left the way it is,” said Farmer and Long-Time Resident of Windham, Bryan Meade. “I’m looking up and down this road here, all these farms that have been here for years, and I haven’t seen any changes.”

The county has said it’s plans for the village are to establish boundaries, and allow for growth while maintaining the area’s historic character. But some fear the move could dictate what’s done with their properties in the future.

“We are afraid that being put in a boundary that at some point that we will not be able to have say in what it is we want to do,” said Patrick Mougin.

The area is made up of mostly of farmland, and many residents say they want it to stay that way... expressing confusion as to why the county says any change is needed.

“We discussed if it would make a change in our property, if it would change our taxes; no it wouldn’t. If it could change what you could do with your property; no it wouldn’t,” said Sally Attwood. “So I guess I am confused as to why we’re even having a proposed Windham Village.”

Attwood says she feels her voice was heard at a recent meeting with the County but that her opinions would not change the county’s plan.

So moving forward, she and others say they will continue to meet, discuss their options, and do what they can to keep their rural home the way it is.