Four houses near Cedar Rapids Country Club need to relocate to avoid being demolished

Published: Oct. 20, 2022 at 6:25 PM CDT
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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - Four homes built before WWII will need to be relocated to avoid being demolished.

The Cedar Rapids Country Club owns the houses on Fairway Terrace southeast. They’re working with Save CR Heritage to give the homes the opportunity to be relocated.

The houses are currently sitting in the way of the club’s plans to relocate their tennis courts and eventually enclose them. Moving the current tennis courts will make way for a driving range.

“They’re just beautiful homes, somebody, I would love to live in one,” said Cindy Hadish, Board Member with Save CR Heritage. Hadish has been inside all four of these homes on Fairway Terrace, which were built around 1940. “Hardwood flooring, beautiful staircases, fireplaces, sunrooms, it’s got beautiful amenities that we’d really like to see saved. We just don’t think that they should go to the landfill,” Hadish said.

A fifth home was already demolished, the country club says it was damaged by the derecho. Save CR Heritage is happy to be working with them to try and save the rest.

“We’re grateful that they’re working with us and trying to have them moved rather than just go straight to the landfill because they could have just taken them out,” Hadish explained.

The country club is offering the homes for free, but those interested will need to pay to relocate them. Save CR Heritage estimates moving costs will be around $100,000. However, they say the homes are worth around double that.

“If you could move one of these homes for $100,000 you would recoup that value easily,” said Hadish.

They’re asking landowners on the east side of the city to come forward.

The houses can’t be moved to the west side of the river due to logistics. The country club says their goal is to have the homes moved by May 1st. They’ve been in contact with some who have shown interest but so far no one has come forward. Save CR Heritage says saving the homes is about preserving some of the city’s charm.

“Each time you have a demolition it just chips away at the historic value of the neighborhood and just the character of Cedar Rapids as a whole,” said Hadish.