Law enforcement launches project to crack down on speeding as Dubuque mourns lives lost

Published: Sep. 27, 2022 at 6:11 PM CDT
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DUBUQUE, Iowa (KCRG) - The extra speed, the decreased time it takes you to get from point A to point B, is not worth the loss of life. That’s the message law enforcement wants to get out to people everywhere, but especially in Dubuque County. That’s why they are taking this week to increase patrol and are putting an emphasis on speeding citations and warnings.

Iowa State Trooper Drew Wilgenbusch has been on the beat for over a year in Dubuque County. This week, having even more law enforcement out alongside him and other troopers, means more help to decrease and eventually prevent speeding and fatality crashes.

“State Patrol, we only have so many troopers and we definitely rely on the help from county deputies, state police officers, DNR, absolutely anybody that’s willing to help out, we’ll take it,” said Wilgenbusch.

The project was brought on because of the increase of vehicle fatalities the are has seen recently. In 2022 alone, they have had 8 accidents that resulted in 11 deaths.

The most recent, claimed the lives of three teenagers.

Chloe Lucas’s father and stepmother still mourn their loss. They hope this project can bring awareness to the extreme dangers of speeding.

“To save one other life, just one other life, and one other family from going through what we’ve gone through due to senseless driving and reckless driving is all we can hope for,” said Tess Lucas.

Trooper Wilgenbusch says efforts like this aren’t just about the increase in patrol, but the increase of accountability among everyone in the area.

“It’s pretty common for me going to a small town, and say I make 3 or 4 stops for seatbelt, it doesn’t take long for that small town to make calls to businesses, friends saying hey watch out there’s a trooper in town stopping for seatbelts, put on your seatbelts,” said Wilgenbusch.