Working Iowa: Free tuition & $20k signing bonus

Mercy Medical Center is hiring
Published: Sep. 26, 2022 at 8:01 AM CDT
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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - Student loan debt is a major problem facing many Americans. Mercy Medical Center is currently hiring, and they have numerous positions where they will help with tuition, give you hands-on learning as well as up to $20,000 in signing bonuses for certain positions when hired.

Mercy Medical Center is looking to hire in a number of different departments and has hundreds of jobs available.

“It’s not only that there is a nursing shortage, but Mercy is diversifying and expanding services. We are opening up a new heart center, a new long-term care center, we have opportunities because we have more services,” said Greg Kirkman, Director of Acute Inpatient Services and General Surgery.

If interested, they will pay for your tuition while you attend school. You can also work at the medical center while taking classes.

“We do have some great sign on bonuses on, up to $20k right now, depending on the opportunity you want to go into, It’s a great time to be a nurse looking for a job,” Kirkman added.

“I came in as a new grad not knowing much at all, and they took me under their wings and showed me that I can be a great nurse,” said Sophie Barna, a Registered Nurse a Mercy Medical Center.

She said the job gave her the fulfillment she was looking for.

“I realized maybe in high school that this really was my calling and I knew I could be good at it and be there for the people that, at their worst, need me. I am glad every day that I picked it,” Barna added.

For Greg and Sophie, it’s all about the Mercy Touch.

“Wanting to help others. That’s what this organization has devoted its entire existence to, just serving the needs of the community,” Kirkman said.

“I really do love being there for patients after surgery and getting them back up on their feet after they have had knee surgery or hip surgery,” Barna said. “I am glad I picked the orthopedic unit, it’s a great place to work.”

And while their days are busy, the orthopedic patients take the time to let them know they are appreciated, writing notes on paper shaped like a bone, totally fitting for the orthopedic nurses.

“When I read those I often realize, take a breath and say, I did a good job today and I appreciate all the kind words the patients say about us,” Barna added.

Being able to help others, coming out of school with no debt, and receiving up to $20 thousand dollars in signing bonuses gives those looking to go into the medical profession, a lot to smile about.

If you want to work in the emergency room, surgical services or in the acute inpatient hospital area, you can find more information by visiting

For more information on Mercy’s Education Assistance Programs, click here.