How 10,000 COVID-19 deaths have impacted local medical staff

Published: Sep. 21, 2022 at 6:15 PM CDT
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DUBUQUE/CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - Health Director, Mary Rose Corrigan reports three COVID related deaths in Dubuque County in the last seven days. That contributes to the overall 10,051 recorded COVID-19 deaths across the state,

It is a grim reality as Corrigan continues to give the same advice to stop the spread.

“In the beginning of the pandemic, we had no way of predicting the severity of the disease or who it was going to hit the hardest,” said Corrigan.

Now, as she continues to encourage masking and staying home when sick, she also acknowledges what other factors this number could point to.

“It shows that we do have a lot of chronic disease and underlying conditions in our population,” said Corrigan.

She says it also shows how many healthcare workers have been impacted by the pandemic.

Dr. Dustin Arnold with UnityPoint Health - St. Luke’s knew the number of deaths was slowly climbing.

“But then going back and looking at it, it was climbing consistently, but slowly. So it probably shouldn’t have been that big of a surprise to me,” said Dr. Arnold.

But the milestone still came as somewhat of a surprise to him and his staff.

Not only have more than 10,000 people died from this pandemic, impacting the lives of their friends and family, but it’s also taken a toll on the healthcare field.

“When you have people that are younger than most of the physicians and nurses, and they come in with respiratory distress and they subsequently die after an extended period of time, and you’ve gotten to know their families and their story, it weighs on you.”