US border agent encounters with migrants tops 2 million this year

The number of Venezuelans taken into custody at the U.S. border with Mexico soared in August,...
The number of Venezuelans taken into custody at the U.S. border with Mexico soared in August, while fewer migrants from Mexico and some Central American countries were stopped.
Published: Sep. 20, 2022 at 10:36 AM CDT
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(CNN) - U.S. Customs and Border Protection encounters with migrants along the U.S.-Mexico border has topped two million so far this year.

Nearly 2,000 migrants are arriving in El Paso, Texas each day.

Now, New York City’s mayor says his city is in crisis mode, facing a record-influx of migrants being shipped there from southern states.

“The numbers have been continuing to increase and uh, you know, that continued the rise and that’s because a lot of the people and probably about 80% of them are coming from Venezuela,” El Paso Mayor Oscar Leeser said. “And that’s where the big part of the migrant surge is coming from.”

Now, migrants that have crossed the U.S. border in Texas are arriving by the bus load in record numbers in New York City, sent there by Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

“This is as I stated a humanitarian crisis created by human hands, and it is an all-hands-on-deck moment,” New York City Mayor Eric Adams said.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams accused Republic governors of using migrants as a political ploy.

“What’s happening, a playbook that many of the Republican Governors DeSantis and Abbott are using, is now to ship those migrants out to other states,” Mayor Adams said.

The governors of Texas and Florida have seized on the influx of migrants and criticized the Biden administration over its handling of the crisis at the border.

“It is a crisis and it’s a manufactured crisis because of Biden’s failed policies,” Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said.

“What is inhumane is the President’s policies that have led his border with Mexico to be declared the deadliest border crossing in the entire world,” Texas Governor Greg Abbott said.