Skyler Strong Scramble raises funds for Skyler Moss Foundation

Skyler Strong Scramble raises funds for Skyler Moss Foundation
Published: Sep. 4, 2022 at 11:29 PM CDT
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SOLON, Iowa (KCRG) - One hundred twenty golfers hit the links over Labor Day weekend in the first-ever Skyler Strong Scramble hosted at the Saddleback Ridge Golf Course in Solon.

“It’s amazing. It’s overwhelming. We were hoping for this kind of a turn out, so we were very pleased. It took four days to fill this golf outing,” Skyler’s wife Sarah Moss said.

The funds raised from the inaugural event helped start the Skyler Moss Foundation which was established by his wife.

“Mostly because Skyler was just one of those people that could impact a lot of people of different ages, just anyone,” Sarah said. “We want him to be able to continue to impact people, even though he’s physically not here. By giving back to our community and by starting a foundation, he continues to do that and people will continue to remember Skyler Moss.

Skyler passed away in February after lengthy battle with cancer. Throughout his journey, Skyler saw an incredible amount of support from the Iowa City community. Now, as the Moss family continues to celebrate his life, they’re learning just how much of a lasting impact he had.

“It’s very touching. A lot of it brings tears to my eyes. I don’t think he knew quite how he impacted people. We’ve seen a lot since he passed about how much people appreciate him. Tattoos and stuff like that, that the kids are getting and how many people have reached out to share stories or memories about Skyler,” Sarah explained.

“Skyler including them and gave them a voice when they didn’t have a voice,” Skylers sister Stacy Zeller added. “He was there for everyone. Everyone was a part of the crew. He made everyone feel welcome regardless of their background, who they were and what they were about. They were included in Sky’s circle.”

Skyler was a four-sport athlete growing up, who went on to play baseball for the Hawkeyes. He was also an assistant baseball coach at City High. His love for sports is the reason why the money raised through his foundation will go to athletes and youth sports organizations in the Iowa City area.

“It’s awesome. He was all about sports, all about the kids, developing people, and giving back to the community. He had a ton of scholarships to go out of state to play sports and he wanted to be at Iowa. His heart is in Iowa and I think this is exactly what he would have wanted and what he would have done,” Zeller said.

The family plans to hold a golf outing every year to support the Skyler Moss Foundation and carry on his legacy.

“I love seeing everyone out here. Sky taught everyone out here something about life, something about sports, something about friendship and we miss him dearly,” Zeller said.