The Meskwaki Nation holds 106th Meskwaki Annual Powwow

The Meskwaki Nation holds 106th Meskwaki Annual Powwow
Published: Aug. 13, 2022 at 10:50 PM CDT
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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - Dancing is a lifelong tradition for Army veteran Dixie Kapayou who served for 20 years as a graphic illustrator .

The memories go back to her father Eugene who served in the navy. She said “He used to like to dance with a shotgun and in his later years he started dancing with a cane but he’d always be up there dancing.” The four day long event starts each day with the Grand Entry where veterans carry the flags of the United States, the POW/MIA flag, and tribal flags followed by everyone who dances in the powwow. And each dance carries its own meaning. Namabeya who is a member of the Meskwaki nation and danced in the powwow said “We have a specific dance the Meskwaki dance and it starts out slow and non threating but then you get more taller and more aware. Kapayou said “Sometimes you see the same faces but other times you know we have people coming from out of state from Minnesota, Arizona, Nebraska, Washington state all coming to this pow wow.” People traveled from across the country to see the powwow...enjoying the music, jewelry and food. Kapayou says it is heartwarming to see how many people came out. Kapayou said “I think its great I mean there are powwows all over the place other tribes have their powwows i mean to come to ours because of our dances that means a lot.” Iowa Senate candidate Admiral Mike Franken, and Iowa Governor candidate Deidre DeJear both spoke at the event.

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