Iowa City Truth and Reconciliation Commission meets without chair to discuss leadership

Published: Aug. 4, 2022 at 10:57 PM CDT
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IOWA CITY, Iowa (KCRG) - Johnson County Supervisor Royceann Porter briefly recalled her reaction to hearing Ali’s remarks during Thursday night’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

“What I heard, I literally said ‘If they heard this she wouldn’t be able to get a job in this city,” she told TRC during Thursday night’s meeting.

Porter was one of several City and County officials who were allegedly mentioned in the podcast “Rock Hard Caucus”.

After the city council chose to table the decision on whether to remove Ali from her position, the TRC held their usual meeting.

During item number seven on the meeting’s agenda, commissioners spoke about those podcast remarks.

“There has not been more than 30 minutes in the last seven days that this topic has not been on my mind,” said Commissioner Mohamed Traore during the meeting.

He talked about the importance of validating the work the commission has done since they started in 2020.

He also voiced frustration with not being able to hear the podcast and evaluate it for himself- it’s no longer available online.

“What doesn’t help me in being supportive to really learn for myself what happened. All I can rely on is what I’ve heard from person after person after person,” said Traore.

Porter spoke during the public comment portion of Thursday’s meeting, which on the agenda was entitled “TRC Leadership”. She spoke about what heard on the podcast, which was sent to her anonymously.

“If y’all could get the podcast, you would not believe what spewed out of her mouth,” she told commissioners.

She went on to talk about Ali reaching out to apologize.

“She apologized. She never once said, ‘I didn’t say that.’ What she said it was ill-considered and it was harmful and hurtful. And it was. It was very hurtful,” said Porter.

Because the city Council chose to table their decision to remove Ali, she remains the chair as of Thursday night.

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