Winterset 13-year-old saves drowning swimmer

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Published: Aug. 1, 2022 at 6:49 AM CDT
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WINTERSET, Iowa (KCCI) - A swimmer nearly drowned while having a seizure at the Winterset Aquatic Center Saturday, but the quick thinking of one 13-year-old saved their life.

Soon-to-be 8th grader Chantz Haisman says he’s at the pool almost every day in the summer. He and his friends like to jump off the diving board.

But as he was waiting in line on Saturday, the swimmer in front of him never resurfaced after jumping in.

That’s when Chantz dove in, swam to the bottom of the pool and grabbed the drowning swimmer.

“They wouldn’t come back up from the water, so I went in there pulled them back up from the water and said ‘Are you okay?’ and they didn’t respond so I said ‘Are you okay?’ again,” Chantz said.

Lifeguards helped Chantz pull the swimmer, who asked to remain anonymous, out of the pool and onto the pavement.

Officials called Chantz’s mother to pick him up from the pool. She told us originally thought her son was in trouble.

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