Eight-and-six-year-old Cedar Rapids siblings carry on family legacy of BMX racing

Published: Jul. 31, 2022 at 10:38 PM CDT
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ELY, Iowa (KCRG) - Eight-year-old Jamysen Lagerquist-Taylor started riding at Ely’s BMX track three years ago.

“It was really scary,” Jamysen said. “(But) I don’t even think it’s scare any more because I barely even crash.”

Jamysen’s mother Elyce Lagerquist said he started on a strider bike. After graduating to a standard pedal bike, he learned within a day of starting.

It was a similar case with sister Bindi.

“She saw brother racing so she wanted to take it on too,” said Elyce.

Bindi started at five, and she’s riding next to the big kids at six.

“My favorite part is getting lots of air and going on the bumps,” Bindi said.

“They have overcome a lot of fears,” Elyce said. “They just get out there, do it, if they crash, they get up and keep going.”

The kids might cut their knee every once in awhile, but they’ve got biking in the blood. They’re part of a family of BMX riders.

Grandfather Scott, grandmother Renae, two uncles and a cousin, all have raced bikes.

“I started BMX in the late 1970s. I was a very nervous rider, but watching Bindy, Bindy has no fear,” Renae said. “40 years of BMX-ing and then coming out and watching your grandkids, I’m very proud of them.”

You’d think there’d be a little sibling rivalry, but with the Lagerquist-Taylors, it’s really not the case.

“I like seeing her get better at riding,” Jamysen said.

“I’m really supportive of Jamysen,” said Bindy. “If he gets hurt I just get right off my bike and I help him.”

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