7G Distributing in Cedar Rapids looking to hire

They're hiring, and they say their 4-day work week is a standout when it comes to work-life balance for employees.
Published: Jul. 25, 2022 at 9:16 AM CDT
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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - From beers to lagers, pale ales, water and energy drinks, 7G Distributing delivers drinks throughout the region.

They’re hiring, and they say their 4-day work week is a standout when it comes to work-life balance for employees.

7G, which stands for 7 Generations, has been delivering beer in Eastern Iowa for 90 years and are currently hiring.

“One thing about 7G is that no experience is needed,” VP of Human Resources Molly Jacobson said. “We will train and get the right tools for someone to be successful.”

They deliver about 5 million cases of beer a year, with a variety of jobs currently available.

“The employees that we recruit for are sales reps, we also recruit for warehouse personnel, and then we have delivery drivers that deliver the beer to the accounts and merchandisers who make sure the shelves are stocked,” Jacobson said.

And you don’t need a specialty license to get hired.

“If you are looking to get a CDL, we will train you to do that here. A CDL is not needed at the beginning to get a driver job.”

Sales Representative Tiffany Lipp said it’s a great opportunity if you are looking to switch careers.

“I had been working in restaurants prior, and when I was looking to make a transition and when I thought about who the happiest people were, my beer sales reps always were,” Lipp said.

Along with offering free medical benefits and a 50% matching 401k, you can choose a shorter work week.

“Several of our positions offer either work a Monday to Thursday or a Tuesday through Friday, and it has been great to promote that work-life balance,” Jacobson said.

Todd Bormann is a Senior Driver who has been with 7G Distributing 10 years.

“For me, I have 3 kids, so when I need to get something done I can do it on Monday. You get paid for 10 hours a day and if you finish early, you get to go home.”

Employees say the management style inspires them to work harder.

“Most guys if they finish early they go and help a guy out who is having a rough day, it is team effort around here,” Bormann said.

Tiffany Lipp said management doesn’t micromanage employees, which allows them to make sure they are doing what they see is best for their accounts.

The company’s work hard, play hard attitude is great for morale.

“Celebrating meeting a sales goal or a company goal. We are always celebrating something,” Lipp said.

Bormann said the people he works with are a great group.

“It’s fun to come to work and spend time with at work and after work,” he said.

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