No New Clothes: How Chief Meteorologist Ginger Zee is putting sustainability back in style.

Published: Jun. 29, 2022 at 2:26 PM CDT
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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - Fashion is one of our favorite ways of self-expression, searching for the perfect new dress to wear at next week’s party, day at the lake, or even just tomorrow’s selfie.

But as we purchase new clothes, our planet is paying the price.

The average American buys 16 new articles of clothing every 3 months. That’s according to Remake, a non-profit company advocating for changes in the fashion industry. That’s costing us a lot of green in more ways than one.

“The fashion industry is responsible for in the United States for more than and up to, I’d say, around ten percent of our greenhouse gas emissions.” ABC’s Chief Meteorologist Ginger Zee explained.

That’s why she decided to make a change, taking Remake’s #NoNewClothesPledge, vowing not to buy any newly made clothing for 90 days.

“You see behind me, I have plenty of clothing. I want to make a statement to people, I am the worst offender of this, many people on television are. That I really thought that I had to have something new at least every year.” Zee admitted.

One hurdle to overcome, the fashion faux pas of wearing last season’s looks.

“Technology and social media, I think, only amplified this, and so we were now able to see everyone’s every day. So we could, we know it’s like a timestamp, and there’s some sort of negative impression that you thought, well, I can’t wear that again, I just wore it, and it’s in a picture on Instagram.” Zee said.

But now she’s is trying to influence an old trend: wearing and purchasing second-hand clothing, even to a wedding.

“And it was beaded on top, and it had this beautiful aqua color, and I got I can’t tell you the number of compliments. Stopped by every single person, men, women, didn’t matter. They were obsessed with this dress, and then online I posted it, and everyone was like where can I get it, and I’m like, nowhere, sorry.” Zee described.

A trend, that Cedar Rapids consignment store the Daisy, is glad to see.

“I’ve been, um, shopping second-hand my whole life I grew up shopping second-hand with my Mom and that was just something we loved to do together and so it’s refreshing to see that people are leaning more towards that.” Andrea Miller, an employee and online marketer at the Daisy Consignment store in Cedar Rapids.

The more people taking the pledge, the larger the impact.

“You doing it is not, but you and me and the other person, and the other person and we inspire 14 more people. It’s like the chain mail thing back in middle school. It will end up at least being loud enough that the industry hears us.” Zee said.

Putting sustainability back in style.

If you’d like to take the No New Clothes Pledge and not purchase any newly made clothes for 90 days, click here.

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