‘You just got to ride the wave’: RV campers on surviving summer solstice heat

Published: Jun. 21, 2022 at 11:07 PM CDT
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PALO, Iowa (KCRG) - Dave Griffey said, “There’s no joy in sitting in a camper all day long. That’s not what it’s intended for.” However, that’s where we found him Tuesday afternoon, riding out the heat of the day.

Dave and Jane Griffey are campground hosts at Pleasant Creek State Recreation Area. They said they are retired Rockwell Collins employees and now live in their RV full time. They winter in Arizona and, mid-April through mid-October, they live in their home on wheels.

They like the lifestyle, but it does mean there is no other place to go when the heat gets intense. “We’ve been out here sometimes where it was so disgustingly hot where we just gave it up and went home, before we went full-time,” said Griffey.

So even though they’re campers, when high temperatures hit, the Griffeys head inside like so many others. “We’re not going to kid you...when it’s really hot like this we stay in.” Dave Griffey added, “You might have heard the term ‘glamping?’ Glamorous camping?”

Kevin Vaske, another RV camper at the park, described himself as a “weekend warrior.” He was on vacation with his wife and his friends. “We try to travel through the state of Iowa through the summer,” said Vaske.

For him, the heat is just another part of the experience. “You have to enjoy it. You know, you got to be able to deal with bugs and weather and all that.”

Vaske and his friends were seated in the shade and enjoying the breeze. Vaske said, “If there wasn’t wind, there’d be some sort of water out here. We’d either be getting sprinkled on or something. We put holes in hoses before so we got a sprinkler system when it’s been that hot.”

He added, “You can pick your vacation. You can’t pick the weather or anything else. You just got to ride the wave.”

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