Eastern Iowa gun shop owner has concerns over ‘Red Flag Laws’

The owner of an Eastern Iowa Gun shop has concerns about proposed Red Flag Laws.
Published: Jun. 21, 2022 at 6:32 AM CDT
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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - The owner of an eastern Iowa gun shop has concerns about proposed Red Flag Laws.

Red Flag laws allow people to petition the courts to keep firearms out of the hands of people they believe are dangerous to themselves or others. Nineteen states, and Washington, D.C. have Red Flag Laws in place, but Iowa doesn’t. It’s been a hot topic because of the recent rash of shootings across the country.

Owner of Tactical Creations in Vinton, Bob DuCharme said he won’t sell a person a gun unless he feels they are fit to own one.

“Several times, even in the last couple of months, there’s been two that come to mind, that I told them I won’t sell them a gun for one reason or another,” he said.

DuCharme said as a private business owner, he can play judge and jury at his store on who he trusts with a gun, but he has issues with Red Flag Laws, believing it’s a lack of due process.

“I do a lot on Facebook, and I’m pretty vocal, I state what I believe and don’t believe,” he said. “I let people know that if it only takes two people to go to the police department to say, ‘hey, this guy is crazy.’ Then especially me owning a gun store, they’re gonna come in, shut me down, take all of my guns.”

However, Sara Riley, with Tom Riley Law Firm, disagrees.

“About I think it’s almost 30 percent in some states, the guns aren’t taken away, because they have a hearing, and the person convinces the judge I am not a risk to myself or to others,” she said.

Riley supports Red Flag Laws. She said they prevent people from doing harm to others, or themselves.

“They have stopped a lot of suicides, which is the leading cause of death with guns,” she said.

DuCharme believes states should enforce the laws that are already in place, and put more resources towards mental health.

He’s not giving up his guns.

“Come and try,” he said. “You better bring a lot of guns to take my guns.”

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