Looking ahead: Dubuque flight school could see impact of rising gas prices soon

Published: Jun. 13, 2022 at 4:59 PM CDT
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DUBUQUE, Iowa (KCRG) - Cars aren’t the only thing affected by the increase in fuel... planes have felt the impact as well. With more than 200 students in its aviation program, Dubuque University has planes taking off everyday.

And while many Americans have seen gas prices soar at the pump, Randy Warm, Director of Aviation Programs at the University of Dubuque, said the school hasn’t seen the jump just yet.

”Fortunately the airport is able to have bulk storage. So, we buy in bulk and we bought it in advance. As of right now we have not added anything,” said Warm.

Warm said they have more than 20 planes for the program and three helicopters.

He said they usually have to restock fuel about once a month... and if they start to see the increase in prices, students may have to pay a surcharge to help offset the spike.

”That would be a direct cost like the billing of the instructor for the airplane and that type of thing. And hopefully it’s just a surcharge. So, if prices go back down, that would go away,” he said.

But for now, Warm said there’s not much they can do to combat the prices.

”Right now the best we can do is during instruction, make sure you get right to the point. We don’t have additional run up times,” said Warm. “Or times at the airport they might fly to a different airport so they’re not stuck behind other traffic, trying to take off and land that burns fuel while you’re sitting on the ground.”

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