Woman opens ‘O So Beautiful Salon’ in Ely after losing husband and 3 kids in Oso mudslide

Published: May. 23, 2022 at 4:42 PM CDT
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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) -Jonielle Spillers has opened a salon in Ely after losing her husband and three children to a mudslide in Washington state. The 2014 Oso mudslide is the deadliest in American history.

Spillers was at work when the mudslide crushed her neighborhood killing 43 people. It claimed the lives of her husband Billy who was in the Navy, and her children Kaylee who was five, Brooke who was two, and Jovan who was 13.

“My son Jacob and I lost our family,” Spillers told TV9.

4-year-old Jacob was rescued by helicopter, he is now 12.

“He asked me one day, do moms who lose babies have more babies? And so that kind of pushed me for it,” Spillers said.

She wanted to expand her family so Jacob could grow up with siblings like he once knew. Spillers did IVF and had twins before relocating to Iowa, they are now three.

“I felt like with the amount of family that we have here it would be the perfect place for a fresh start,” Spillers said.

A fresh start also meant a new dream. Spillers graduated from Capri College in April and opened the ‘O So Beautiful Salon’ in Ely, last week.

“That has been the inspiration for the name and to carry on you know the 43 people that were lost,” she said.

It’s a tribute to those killed in Oso, Washington. Each of their names is listed on the wall. Spillers hopes her business will keep the memory of her family and all of the other lives lost, alive. She says opening the salon has already been more than she could’ve imagined.

“You know going through what I’ve been through you can still live life, be happy and do good things. It doesn’t have to kick you down forever,” said Spillers.

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