Schools without air conditioning forced to quickly adjust to heat

Published: May. 11, 2022 at 6:07 PM CDT
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(KCRG) - It was hard for schools like North Linn to predict how the sudden summer-like temperatures would impact the learning environment for their students. But as Superintendent Dave Hoeger admits, an early dismissal or even cancellation is the best choice for the safety and health of those having class in a building without air conditioning.

“When you come in in the morning and the building is already hot and muggy, then it’s just going to go downhill from there,” said Hoeger. ““You just have to take your best guess and try to keep the kids safe. If you’re sitting there miserable in a classroom, then we’re probably not having great learning.”

North Linn and Tipton schools are two of the several districts in the area without AC in their buildings. Both take many factors into consideration before deciding to let out early.

“The temperature projected for the day, some of it is what happened the night before, you know, if it cooled off the night before and it’s going to cool off the next day then maybe the building stays cool enough long enough to effectively get through the day,” said Hoeger.

Some parents in the Tipton school district expressed concern for the children as the week started with, and continued to have very high temperatures.

One mother told TV-9 “Both of my kids were miserable. Thankfully my daughter’s teacher reached out by email to her students’ parents to give us a heads up.”

Another said teachers and students are more accustomed to adapting to hot classrooms than most.

They all continue to hope that students and staff can adjust to the weather and finish out the year successfully, regardless of the temperature outside.

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